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Discover your Inner Voice - It is Amazing

the inner voice definition

Some of us call it intuition. Others know it as God speaking to us. Many people picture it as the little angel sitting on your shoulder. Some people think of it as your gut feeling. Maybe it is your subconscious mind. Whichever way you choose to look at it, the outcome is still the same. Your inner voice is a powerful and wise sense of inward feeling drawing you to a trustworthy action. It is important to learn what your inner voice can do. Developing your inner voice and then honing your inner voice heals you emotionally and physically and brings wisdom and comfort inside a peaceful lifestyle.

the importance of your inner voice

Your inner voice has the ability to take you to greatness despite having anxiety. You lay in your bed or on the couch wondering how you can find your purpose and joy. Will your anxiety keep you from obtaining that purpose? You use your inner voice, as it will lead the way to achieve our life purpose. By the way, your purpose may be a dream you already have. That dream may even be your inner voice speaking to you. If your inner voice takes you in a different direction, trust it because you will discover an even bigger, more incredible purpose. You use your inner voice to manage your anxiety. It is important to hone your inner voice for anxiety management because anxiety will attack your inner voice covering it up with negative self-talk so that you can’t tap into it.

As you tap into your inner voice, you reach a level of listening to your body in a healthy way. It is NOT the same thing as the emotionally destructive way you “think” you are listening to your body when you are positive you are having a heart attack or when you feel you are going to suffocate because you can’t catch your breath. Your inner voice will clearly tell you that you are just having an anxiety attack and everything is going to be alright, just breathe and meditate as you learn to listen. The focus slowly turns from your disorder to fulfilling your purpose. Your inner voice is there to guide you through the whole journey.

"Follow your intuition, listening to your dreams, your inner voice to guide you." - Katori Hall

developing your inner voice

When you are first new to finding your inner voice, it can be difficult to understand what it even is. Think of a time you did something that was wrong, maybe when you were a kid. You told a lie to your parents or you stole some candy from the store. Do you remember that feeling that you should tell someone and make it right? That feeling is guilt, but your inner voice works much the same. It is a strong feeling in your gut that clearly is telling you exactly what you need to do. It could be an action you should take, or it could be a decision to change your perspective on a situation.

Once I was riding the train into Dallas to work and my inner voice kept urging me to get off this train and take the next train. I knew that would make me late for work, so I didn’t listen. I had learned to hone my inner voice by this time and my inner voice would not leave me alone. “Get off at the very next stop. I am asking you to trust me” yelled my inner voice. I didn’t listen. By the next stop, I finally gave in because the intuition was so strong, it was making me sick. I gathered up my things, stepped off the train, waited 10 minutes in the windy cold and got on the next train. A wave of calmness came over me as if I had taken a tranquilizer. I was no longer feeling sick. I never found out why I was supposed to get off that train. It didn’t wreck, no one pulled a gun. All I know is that devastation was avoided.


Follow your heart, listen to your inner voice, stop caring what others think." - Roy Bennett

honing your inner voice for healing

Once you learn to recognize your inner voice and use it wisely, life changes in amazing ways. Why does life change? Your inner voice urges you to make choices that bring inspiration and peace to your life. The key to honing your inner voice is preparation. The first step in this preparation is to practice mindful quiet. Once you find stillness and quiet, your brain and body begin to put itself back together. Without all the stimuli to deal with, your body knows how to heal itself. This is also the first step in managing anxiety – getting quiet. When you sit in quiet and mindfully not think about your life, you gain strength. What do you think about? Nothing. When you start out, distract yourself by admiring a flower in your mind’s vision. Some object that will not take you down that “thinking” journey.

Meditation is a great way to learn to be quiet. Through meditation, you practice your breathing techniques, and your body starts healing your anxiety and your physical body. When I say “heal”, I literally mean the body starts fixing the unhealthy stuff that stress and anxiety have screwed up. Why should you hone your inner voice? To keep you calm for anxiety management, heal your body of the damage anxiety has done, and know how to follow the choices that your wise inner voice is telling you to make to find your joy and purpose.

Many years my friend, many years....

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