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Mission and Vision


Our Coaching Mission

Coach Delisa's mission is to use the life lessons she has learned through conquering her own adversities of a debilitating childhood, alcohol addiction and mental health challenges, in addition to her extensive education in leadership, coaching, and personal development, to coach those who are experiencing self-doubt, insecurities, anxiety, and relationship challenges, to lean into their remarkable self.

Our Core Concepts

  • Compassion – listening, identifying needs, and conveying empathy.

  • Respect – accepting others with patience and kindness and not being judgmental.

  • Nurturing – creating an environment where people can feel safely vulnerable.

  • Trustworthy – being honest, telling it like it is using integrity as a solid bedrock of high ethical moral standards.

  • Relevance – to continuously strive to stay relevant in a world where mental health and emotional needs constantly change.

The Coaching Vision

Coach Delisa's vision is to help create a world where people successfully live and work together with respect and integrity, and where everyone’s physical, emotional, and spiritual needs are met, and everyone feels valued.

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