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Coach Delisa's

5 Faith-Based Principles 

To Leading a Remarkable Life


Discovering Your God-Given Purpose: Living Your Gift

Focus: Identifying your unique gift, which is different from your passion, and understanding it as the key to your life's purpose. Embrace and develop this gift, knowing it is something you do with ease and excellence, to fulfill the reason you were born.

Purposeful Persistence:
Thriving Through the Struggle

Focus: Embracing and living out your purpose with the understanding that achieving dreams is challenging, requires resilience, and involves many failures. This journey, filled with struggle, ultimately brings true meaning and leaves a lasting legacy.

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Embracing Your True Value:
Recognizing Your Inner Strength

Focus: Overcoming the hurt and lies from those who have tried to diminish your worth. Embrace your inherent power and recognize that you determine your own value. Understand that God made you perfect and surround yourself with the right people because you cannot live your purpose alone.

Building Your Circle:
Fostering Supportive Connections

Focus: Surrounding yourself with people who support and uplift you, helping you to develop your unique talents throughout your life. This requires making hard decisions about toxic people in your life or at least distancing yourself from them. Having toxic people or those who do not help you live your purpose keeps the right people from fully coming into your life.


Find Your Direction in Your Quiet

Focus: Deep in your heart lies a place where truth resides. To access it, especially when first learning about quiet, you need to be very still. In this place of quiet, God speaks to your heart. Here, you discover the milestones of your purpose and where to focus on next. Your quiet is your communication link, your roadmap, and the key to living out your purpose and leaving your legacy. 

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