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What is meant by the Employee Experience?

people just don't want to work anymore

So much attention is on employees these days, or I should say, lack of employees. It is the conversation topic that just keeps on going, no matter who you are talking to. I continue to hear, “people just don’t want to work anymore” or “at this point, we would accept a warm body”. My heart sinks when I hear this. It is such a mystery to me why small business owners are still in such denial as to why they cannot find help.

it is the blame game

Research proves that the problem is NOT that people don’t want to work. The problem is that people don’t want to work in an environment where they do not have a positive experience. It is the blame game. Ex-employees are blaming the employers and the employers are blaming the ex-employees. The truth is that individuals have discovered they can make money in environments where they feel valued, respected, and can have their own needs met. They crave employers who intentionally create a satisfying employee experience. Until then, it is now easier than ever to jump online for instant, profitable side hustles.

"Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first." - Simon Sinek

change your perspective

The question becomes, “just how do you create a great employee experience that attracts top performing employees who show up and then keep showing up”. The first step is to differentiate between (1) focusing on employee satisfaction and loyalty and (2) creating an employee experience that results in emotional involvement and commitment. Focusing on employee satisfaction provides only the bare minimum employee experience. Your employees now demand more. When your company provides an emotional, satisfying experience that is personal, memorable, engaging, and satisfies their unique, individual needs, Employees will “keep showing up” to work for you.

what your employees need

Positivity breeds positivity just as negativity breeds negativity. People are craving positive connectivity in today’s world. The fact is that this is becoming harder and harder to find as multiple issues are moving across our screens and people are quick to respond with negative, insulting comments. Providing a psychologically safe and emotionally nurturing workplace culture satisfies the emotional nourishment people are craving. Creating such a workplace culture is possible in all workplace environments and across blue- and white-collar workplaces.

"Culture is to recruiting as product is to marketing." - Hubspot

emotions talk

When you provide your employees with a satisfying, personal, engaging, emotionally charged employee experience, they in turn provide your clients with a remarkable, engaging experience. Emotions talk. Emotions move people. People need to feel like they can make a positive difference in the world so that they can feel good about themselves. If your workplace can provide this type of experience, then you will attract great employees.

it's a win-win-win proposition

What employee experience are you willing to create for your employees? Let’s change the focus from wanting to satisfy your employees thinking it will produce loyalty to creating an experience that makes them feel good about their contributions to your company. The result is you will attract and retain good employees that provide emotionally satisfying customer experiences and promote your company’s business.

I invite you to schedule a brain storming call with me and come up with some employee experiences that will attract top performing employees to your business.

Many years my friend, many years....

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