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Creating emotionally inspired employees who become “Top Performers”.



A growth minded leadership and employee experience expert.

Imagine having emotionally inspired employees that become top performers. The result – creating a “people-first” workplace culture that fosters creativity, resilience, and individual super-power. I recognize that the primary challenge businesses face today is the ability to attract and retain top performing employees. By building strong relationships within your company that fosters respect, your employees will look forward to coming to work and giving you their best efforts. Coaching and training programs that give you results.

When you hire Coach Delisa


  • A comprehensive Employee Assessment.

  • Upon completion of the program, your company will be certified as a “Great Place to Work”.

  • Specific proven workshops to target your specific objectives.

  • Keynotes to address specific client pain points

  • Individual and group coaching.

  • Follow-up sessions to ensure leadership and employee development.

  • Emotionally inspired employees who become top performers.


This eBook gives you 5 Action steps that you and/or your employees can take right away allowing each person to grow through these difficult times and emerge STRONGER. It’s not complicated and these steps are based on five decades of Ziglar wisdom and millennia of ancient wisdom.

By signing up for this free eBook, you will also be signing up for weekly emails that will provide direction, education, inspiration, and insight on creating a successful employee experience that results in a “people-first” workplace culture where employees WANT to come to work and help the company be successful.


About Delisa’s Book

Coach Delisa’s book, “Find Your Direction in Your Quiet”, teaches people how to live through struggling times, gaining strength and wisdom from the experience. Though her book is about her story of having an anxiety disorder, she teaches that the recovery process is exactly the same for anyone overwhelmed with life and battling difficult times.

“We are honored to have Delisa Deavenport represent Zig Ziglar as a Ziglar Legacy Certified speaker, trainer, and coach. Delisa exhibited strong leadership and mentoring qualities during her training experience and has shown considerable growth and development into a highly respected and qualified speaker and presenter.” – Tom Ziglar, CEO, Ziglar, Inc. proud son of Zig Ziglar


The Successful Mind

“The Successful Mind has amazing tools to transform your life and your future into all you have ever dreamed of,” says Coach Delisa Deavenport.

“This project was a genius move on Erik’s part and I am so blessed to have been a part of it.” Chapter 7, “In Quietness and Confidence…” was written by Coach Delisa Deavenport.

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