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Discover Your
Divine Confidence:

Become the Person God Created You to Be

Unlock Your True Potential in Just 8 Weeks

Thursday evenings
July 11, 2024 thru
August 29, 2024

LIVE Online Course
7:00PM - 8:30PM
Central Time

Recordings will be available
the next day.

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Does this Sound Like You?

  • 8-Week Online Course

  • 90-Minute Sessions

  • Live, Recorded Trainings

  • Price - $247

​Do You Feel Lost or Unworthy?

  • Do you feel like God is not hearing your prayers or worse - not answering them?

  • You're not alone. Many people struggle with understanding their true identity and purpose in life.

  • Maybe you feel like your life is in a rut or you're struggling to "be still" so that you can listen to your heart's direction.

  • Feelings of inadequacy and confusion can weigh heavily on our heart, making it difficult to see the path God has laid out for us.​

Imagine This…

  • Waking Up Each Day with Purpose and Confidence

  • Feeling Empowered and Secure in Your God-Given Identity

  • Living a Life Aligned with God’s Divine Plan

  • Knowing your spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental health all align as it is meant to be

Presented by

Coach Delisa Deavenport, MBA, CPC, CEC

Leadership and Life Enrichment Coach

International Best Selling Author

Certified Ziglar Legacy Instructor

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July 11, 2024 thru
August 29, 2024

Online Course
7:00PM - 8:30PM
Central Time

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Welcome to 'Divine Confidence'

Our 8-week live course, "Divine Confidence: Becoming the Person God Created You to Be," is designed to guide you on a transformative journey. Through practical lessons, spiritual insights, and community support, you'll discover how to live with unshakeable confidence and embrace your unique purpose while strengthening your faith.

What You'll Gain from this Course:


Emotional and Spiritual Strength

  • Resilience Training:

    • Problems: Struggling with managing emotions and constant stress.

    • Results: Develop emotional resilience and inner peace through faith-based techniques.

  • Inner Peace:

    • Problems: Battling negative thoughts and feeling overwhelmed.

    • Results: Harness the power of gratitude and positive thinking to transform your mindset.


Holistic Wellness

  • Physical Health:

    • Problems: Neglecting physical health and feeling disconnected from your body.

    • Results: Develop a fitness and nutrition plan that honors your body as God’s creation.

  • Balanced Life:

    • Problems: Struggling to maintain balance between physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

    • Results: Integrate all aspects of health for overall well-being.


Discover Your Divine Identity

  • Unique Strengths and Gifts:

    • Problems: Feeling unsure of your talents and purpose.

    • Results: Identify and embrace your God-given strengths and talents.

  • Authentic Living:

    • Problems: Living a life that feels out of alignment with your values.

    • Results: Align your daily actions with your divine purpose and live authentically.


Deepening Faith and Trust

  • Strengthened Faith:

    • Problems: Doubting your faith and struggling to trust in God’s plan.

    • Results: Build a stronger trust in God’s plan for your life.

  • Overcome Doubt:

    • Problems: Constantly battling doubts and insecurities.

    • Results: Develop spiritual confidence and resilience through prayer and reflection.

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Why Choose 'Divine Confidence'?

To Become the Person God Created You to Be

Finding your Purpose

Living a Life of Joy and Peace

Regardless of Your Circumstances or Environment


Personal Growth Rooted in Faith

  • This course isn't just about building confidence; it's about discovering and embracing the person God created you to be. Through faith, we will guide you to unlock your true potential.

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Supportive Community

  • Join a like-minded group of individuals on the same journey. Share experiences, support each other, and grow together.

Holistic Approach

  • We address emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects of your life, ensuring a comprehensive transformation.

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Course Highlights

Week 1: Introduction and Foundation Building

  • Set personal and spiritual goals

  • Begin understanding Divine Confidence

Week 2: Emotional Strength and Resilience

  • Techniques for emotional balance

  • Embrace positive thinking

Week 3: Discovering Your God-Given Identity

  • Identify unique strengths and gifts

  • Practical steps for authentic living



Week 4: Physical Wellness and Spiritual Health

  • Fitness and nutrition plans

  • Holistic health integration

Week 5: Managing Stress and Frustration with Faith

  • Faith-based stress management techniques

  • Develop a personal stress management plan



Week 6: Clarity and Purpose Through Faith

  • Self-reflection exercises

  • Align actions with divine mission

Week 7: Building Trust and Strengthening Faith

  • Overcome doubt

  • Faith-building practices



Week 8: Integrating and Moving Forward with Confidence

  • Create a long-term development plan

  • Celebrate growth and achievements

James S., TX

“I was committed to changing my life and getting closer to God but I was overwhelmed and even frustrated at times. This course put all the pieces together in a way that made sense. Coach Delisa is so inspiring."

Billy F., TX

"Discouraged is an understatement of my mental health when I first sat in the chair of this course - a course that was a mandatory part of a residential program I was in. I felt like Coach Delisa was telling my story and soon I was filled with inspiration and motivation knowing I could make a difference in this crazy world."

Betty S., TX

“I attended this course because I had a friend that had lost her faith and her hope. I knew she would not attend unless I went with her. It wasn't long before I was completely focused on Coach Delisa and the activities we did. It truly gave me a new perspective on my faith and my future. Coach Delisa is the real deal."
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July 11, 2024 thru
August 29, 2024

Online Course
7:00PM - 8:30PM
Central Time

Act Now and Transform Your Life

Limited Spots Available!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your life. Embrace your divine confidence and become the person God created you to be.


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Classes start July 11th!!!

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